What Contraception Method Is Suitable For You?

Different types of contraception solutions are available. You can choose the one that best meets your health needs and goals. NHS offers free contraception for most requirements. Find a GP, sexual health clinic or pharmacy near you online. Always consult a doctor first before taking any decision in this matter. The doctor will take into account your age, medical history, family history, any smoking habit, and if you are under medication. You can easily find a contraceptive implant private clinic near you online.

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Different Types of Contraception Solutions

The options include caps or diaphragms, combined pills, implant, injection, patch, condoms, female condoms, IUD or coil, IUS or hormonal coil, progesterone pill, vaginal ring and natural family planning. Male and female sterilisations are the permanent contraceptive solutions.

Emergency contraceptive options include copper IUD and contraceptive pill (also called the morning-after pill). The IUD or coil is the more effective option. These two methods are suitable after unprotected sex or when the usual contraception fails. It is important to know that an emergency contraceptive method should not be used as a usual option.

The selection of a particular contraceptive option will depend on your circumstances and health condition. If in doubt, consult A GP or visit a local family planning clinic to know your choices.

Keep in mind that except for the condom, no other contraceptive option can protect you from sexually transmitted infections. They can prevent pregnancy but do not offer any protection against STIs.

Effectiveness of Contraception

All contraception methods have some failure rate. The success rate depends on several factors including the correct use of a contraception solution. Some methods like the pills must be taken on schedule or it requires starting all over again. Methods that fail due to improper or incorrect use are known as usual failure methods. Implant like options do not require the user to remember taking the pill or using something correctly. No contraception option has been declared 100% effective and reliable. Each one has its own list of side effects. The side effects vary from person to person depending on the age, health and other factors.

How to select the right contraceptive Method?

In addition to the doctor's diagnosis report and advice, you also have to consider some other things from your side. Can you remember taking a pill every day at the same time? Are you comfortable with the insertion of an external device inside your body for a long term? Do you prefer an option that you do not have to remember? Do you have a normal and regular period, or it requires medication and medical attention? If you are concerned about contracting STIs, a condom is the only option that can protect you. You can use it in addition to other contraceptive methods.

During your visit to the hospital or clinic, the doctor will discuss with you your contraception options. The discussion helps the doctor understand what method will be best suitable for your contraceptive needs. If you have any concern, this is the time to discuss it frankly. The doctor will take the decision of using a particular contraceptive method only after consulting you.