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Meet other PAN patients. Ask questions of medical specialists. Learn about the latest research news in autoimmune diseases. Tell us how you live with PAN

Sunday February 16th at 8 p.m. Eastern time
One Family, 3 Cases of PAN
Jill Hubert will talk about how her family is dealing with three family members all of whom have been diagnosed with PAN. We will talk about genetics and autoimmunity.

NOTE: Times/dates subject to change depending on guest’s availability. Notifications of the change will be made as soon as possible.

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Chat 34

Lab Tests and the Vasculitis Patient January 18th 2014
Joyce Kullman talks about the Vasculitis Foundation and its role in helping the patient, doctor and research community
January 5th 2014
Chat with Niki and Lisa (Niki's mum), chat about "Niki's Run" -fundraising
March 29th 2013
Dr. Eric talks about diet/supplements for the Vasculitis Patient
February 10th 2013
Dr. Peter Grayson talks about the VCRC Patient Registry
December 12th 2012
Patti Kemp is talking about a new program from the Vasculitis Foundation that is especially designed for parents/families dealing with vasculitis
September 30th 2012
The ACR Simple Tasks Campaign
May 20th 2012
Discussion with Rochelle Ray, Director of Cryoglobulimia Vasculitis Organization on

What is Cryoglobulimia?

March 24th 2012
Chat about organdonation
February 12th 2011
Discussion with Jeremy, Peter and Dr. Eric
January 16th 2011
Discussion with Dr. Kathy McKinnon
December 11th 2010
Aiken Hackett, American College of Rheumatology:

Legislative issues in Rheumatology that can affect vasculitis patients

October 17th 2010
PAN/Vasculitis-Chat with Ed (PSN Moderator), Leona,Karen, Peter : (PAN Group Members), Dr. Eric Hoy: (Immunologist)
October 3rd 2010
Diane Dorman, rare disease advocate on Capitol Hill, took questions about how the new health reform law will affect the rare disease patient
April 7th 2010
Discussion with Dr. Kathy McKinnon, Dr. Eric Hoy, and Gail
March 14th 2010
PAN / Vasculitis Chat with Diane Dike, patient with Cryoglobulinemia
March 8th 2010
Discussion with Dr. Eric, Jess, Danielle and Gail
January 30th 2010
Discussion with Dr. Eric and Tom
November 15th 2009
Discussion with Dr. Kathy McKinnon, Dr. Eric Hoy, Jackie, Cindy, Peter and Mary
November 1st 2009
Discussion with Takayasu Patient
October 25th 2009
Chat with guest Mary Dunkle from NORD
March 1st 2009
PAN / Vasculitis Chat with Dr. Eric, Teri
February 22nd 2009
PAN / Vasculitis Chat with Dr. Eric, Deanna, Peter
January 25th 2009
PAN / Vasculitis Chat with Dr. Eric, Deanna, Maggie
January 18th 2009
PAN / Vasculitis Chat with Mark , Derek, Clem and Kristen Hendrickson from the University of North Carolina and Dr. Eric Hoy
November 23th 2008
PAN / Vasculitis Chat with Deanna
October 19th 2008
PAN / Vasculitis Chat with Jessica
October 19th 2008
PAN / Vasculitis Chat with guest Dr. Phil Seo, Director of the Johns Hopkins Vasculitis Center
August 24th 2008
General discussion regarding PAN and autoimmune disorders.
May 4th 2008
PAN / Vasculitis Chat with guest Dr. Kathy McKinnon on vasculitis & research, new medications
March 30th 2008
Q&A with Dr. Sagall regarding the program, Needy Meds.
November 4, 2007
Vasculitis & research, new medications, Q&A w/Dr. McKinnon.
October 14, 2007
MPA / How many international VF chapters? / How many U.S. chapters? / Any cost to participating?  / What happens in a typical VF meeting?  /  How do I start a new VF chapter? / When are meetings typically held? / Pain Management
Avascular Necrosis / American College of Rheumatology / Restless leg syndrome / U.S. vs International Doctors Using ANCA as a diagnosis / New diagnostic system for labs
Sunday, April 23, 2006
Hidradenitis | RAVE |
Tuesday, May 9th, 2006
New Diagnostic Tests / Is Micropolyangiitis the same as PAN / Vasculitis Patients and Surgery / Hepatitis B and C / ANCA
Sunday, July 16th, 2006

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